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We Make HR Simple

for Small (but growing) Businesses

Are you on the verge of burnout from doing ALL THE THINGS?
Do you think you need to hire someone, but don’t even know where to start?
Are you so strapped for time you think, “I’ll just do it myself,” only to find yourself in the same place over and over?

Hey there, I’m Ashley,

the HR Partner for Entrepreneurs!


I meet you where you are in your business to help you get clear on what you really need, then we work together to create a simple plan, so you know exactly what to do to set up your business to be able to scale!
By the end of our time together, you’ll be feeling more confident in your ability to hire, train and lead YOUR profitable team, all with heart!

Let’s Grow Together!


You’re thinking about, or are ready, to start growing your team! I’ll help you get started on the right path, so you can save time and frustration. We’ll work together to:

  • get clear on your people plan,
  • outline your hiring process,
  • develop interview questions that are designed to help you hire the right person the first time,
  • review the selection process, and
  • make sure you’re filling out the right paperwork (so you don’t upset the government)!



Once you hire your team, the work doesn’t stop there! The ultimate goal isn’t just to hire a team – it’s to keep your team!
Together, we’ll:

  • craft a custom onboarding plan for your new hire,
  • outline continuing education and training for your team, and
  • create plans for how to develop your team over the long haul
  • review how to set goals for your team members that align with your business goals.



You have a team in place, but this is your first time being in charge. It can be an intimidating role, but it doesn’t have to be!
I come alongside you to help you:

  • understand the differences between “leading” a team and “managing” a team – and why both are important,
  • learn how to set expectations and hold your team accountable, without it feeling icky, and
  • develop the essential skills you’ll need to successfully lead and manage your team!